Bruno Group represents an important production nucleus in the field of office furniture and steel storage systems. Two industrial complex of 35.000 square meters of manufacturing area represent the heart of the society. Years of experience, continuous investments in technology and human resources and design aimed at satisfying completely the demands of modern work environments, make Icam Brunosteel and Brunoffice products the perfect synthesis between quality, reliability and functionality.

Icam Brunosteel, advanced technology for unique products

Icam Brunosteel was founded in 1965 as a craft company specialising in metal working. During the years, thanks to managerial skills, investments in new technologies and human resources, the company grew considerablyand today is the italian market leader in the production of metal storage and metal furniture. The range of products has grown during the time proposing new ranges as Easy Slim and the new Pedestals that have technical and aesthetic contents of absolute importance. Icam Brunosteel is a company with the certified management system Iso 14001 and Iso 9001.

Brunoffice, refined design and craftsmanship entirely made in Italy

Brunoffice was founded in 1992 as a result of experience in office furniture. Technological investments, strong orientation towards market needs and a modern and quality design helped the company grow. The collaboration with important designers has improved the quality of Brunoffice products that can be integrated in every working area thanks to their technical and aesthetic talents. Brunoffice has the certified management system Iso 14001 and Iso 9001.

Sustainability and environmental respect.

We strongly believe in a sustainable business and in the attention on the environmental impact and on workers health. The pursuit of these principles leads us to focus our efforts on the eco-friendly development of production processes and end-products. In fact one of our priorities is the constant search of recyclable materials. Icam Brunosteel and Brunoffice have certified the quality process, in accompliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 for the environmental management.

Recycled carton packaging

Always attentive to environmental initiatives, we use only 85% recycled cartons for our packaging, without using the addition of polyester. The innovative packaging machine is responsible for folding the cardboard, preparing the protective sides and automatically packing the components. In this way the packaging can be easily recycled, being composed of a single material, natural and non-polluting.

Maximum energy efficiency

Bruno Group has always promoted active protection of the environment, taking into account, already at the stage of product creation and development, all the variables so that they gravitate as little as possible to environmental resources. The 3 photovoltaic power systems 198 KW each (594 KW in total) allow the complete autonomy of all the sites ensuring maximum energy efficiency.


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